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Chiropractic & Parkinson's Disease

Patient with Parkinson's Improves After Chiropractic Care


Research in the March 7, 2011 issue of the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research reports on the case of a 67 year-old woman with Parkinson's Disease who reported significant symptomatic improvements after a short course of chiropractic care. 

Study authors Jonathan Chung, D.C. and Justin Brown, D.C. said when the woman first presented to the chiropractor's office she reported that she had been diagnosed with Parkinson's five years previous. She complained of the typical symptoms associated with the disease: weakness, tremors, scoliosis and muscle rigidity. She reported a history of migraine headaches, nervousness, shoulder pain, vertigo, constipation and osteoporosis. She also reported near daily falls from vertigo and balance issues. The severity of her symptoms reduced her ability to perform the normal activities of daily living.

Her chiropractic exam found leg length imbalances, postural distortion, imbalanced heat and muscle activity of the spinal muscles, and vertebral subluxations. She was placed on a program of chiropractic care to correct the vertebral subluxations. After one month of care, she reported a 60% improvement in weakness and a 50% improvement in tremors. She also showed greater balance between the heat readings in the spinal muscles.

In her third month of care, she reported a 40% improvement in weakness, 60% improvement in tremors and a 30% improvement in rigidity. Over the six months of her care program, she also reported a 70% improvement in mobility and a significant decrease in the number of falls in addition to the changes previously noted.

Commentary: While the authors in this case conclude that chiropractic adjustments may improve outcomes in patients with Parkinson's Disease, removing the nerve interference associated with vertebral subluxation can help improve function in any body, whether it is showing symptoms or not. By improving function, the body then works in a higher state of health and wellness.


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