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Patient Testimonials

  • "What brought you to Pinecrest Wellness Center?
    Referred by wife who is a long-time fan
    How has treatment at Pinecrest Wellness Center improved your life?
    Significantly improved posture and overall feeling of well-being
    What would you say to a friend or family member who is curious about the care provided at Pinecrest Wellness Center?
    What has pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice?
    Chiropractic exams are not lengthy but seem to be consistently very thorough and resulting adjustments are effective.
    Do you like the office setting and/or the office staff?
    Office setting and staff are bright and welcoming. Always pleasant being here."
    - Ray S.
  • "I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in December 2012. I remember talking to my two friends who I met through my job. I was very ill and they asked me if I had a kinesiologist on my medical team. I didn't and from there I was lead to Dr. Sims and the rest was history. It's been over two years. I've learned so much from him in regards to chiropractic care, nutrition, supplements, how the body functions, detoxification, and advice. Without him and his team, I wouldn't have gone from 30+ symptoms to the 5 I now have! I'm truly on the road to recovery because of him. Whitney, Theresa, and Mel are truly a wonder team! Their customer service is beyond words. They are also very caring, loving, and compassionate. The Pinecrest Dream Team really has been on this healing journey with me. I will forever be grateful!"
    - Serena W.
  • "I first came to Pinecrest Wellness due to almost debilitating pain and stiffness (residual from a car accident). My treatment at Pinecrest has been literally LIFE-CHANGING. I used to start the day with FOUR ibuprofen just to make it through until lunch when I could take some more. I was immediately freed from painkillers and have avoided spinal fusion surgery which I was told by doctors was my "only remaining solution.""
    - Sarah C.
  • "When I interviewed for a massage therapist position at Pinecrest, I was immediately impressed that the entire staff was genuinely welcoming and dedicated to each patient's wellness. After working several months at Pinecrest, I became a client because all the people who came in were pictures of good health. As a result of Pinecrest's thorough care, I no longer experience the aches and pains I had assumed was a normal part of getting older. Everyone on staff takes time to answer all your questions and to help you create an individualized, holistic wellness program. I heartily refer and recommend everybody to Pinecrest!"
    -Vera A.
  • "A friend referred me to Dr. Sims. He has helped. I had had a lot happen to my body which is so hard and unusual. I had a esophegetecmy and gastric pull through in January 2014. This was a hard surgery and a hard new way of life. February 2015 I had high liver levels and finally found out my esophegetecmy cancer had spread to my liver. Dr. Sims has been so helpful to me. My blog is"
    - Marilynn F.
  • ""I first came to Pinecrest Wellness center due to chronic hip and knee pain. Since my first visit I return because the treatment I get works much better than traditional medical care. I tell my family and friends that the care at Pinecrest is excellent, the costs are better than hospitals and private care doctors. The staff is very professional and caring.""
    Maria B.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've been going to see Bill at the wellness center off and on for the past ten years. This past year, I've suffered from upper body pain -- all of which were resolved through acupuncture. Recently, I have had an intense flare up of pain and 90% of my pain vanished after two treatments with Bill. He's very caring and thoughtful and the front desk are pleasant and conscientious."
    - Nahid Y.