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Applied Kinesiology

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (A.K.) is a system of evaluating body function through the dynamics of the musculo-skeletal system placing equal emphasis upon structure, neurology and chemistry (nutrition).

Some thirty years ago, Dr. George Goodheart, A.K.'s founder, developed this system of diagnosing functional neurology in patients through the art of manual muscle testing. The amount of A.K. research that takes place is extensive and fills volumes annually.

The key to understanding A.K. is to view health as a triangle consisting of the three components mentioned earlier; structure, neurology and chemistry. Whether you are suffering from a particular injury or condition or simply trying to maximize your health, the balance of these three components is essential

The structural component of this triangle of health comprises the base. It consists of the skeletal system, muscles and ligaments. The neurological side represents function and the remaining side of this equilateral triangle represents the chemical component.

In conventional medicine, the chemical side is addressed first to eliminate symptoms. This includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs. These drugs are extremely effective in reducing symptoms (effect), yet fail to remove the cause. The A.K. doctor has extensive nutritional knowledge and addresses chemical imbalances through dietary and nutritional suggestions.

The other two components of the triad must also be addressed to achieve optimal health and symptomatic relief. We prescribe to the philosophy that it is better to get to the root (cause) of the problem and eliminate it.

The brain and nervous system are responsible for controlling and coordinating all body functions. Although the intentions of the skull and spine are to house and protect this delicate and important system, they can become unbalanced and interfere with this system's function. Stresses and strains of life, postural habits and traumas are the most notable causes. With the A.K. doctor specializing in balancing techniques, this interference to the nervous system can be removed, thus maximizing health, not just eliminating backaches!

In summary, by utilizing chiropractic and A.K., we can maximize the health of an individual by improving the function of the nervous system, by balancing the body's structure and through nutritional recommendations, the body's chemistry. Thus, our tremendous success rate with many different conditions!

Additional information can be found on the International College of Applied Kinesiology website.


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  • "I've been going to see Bill at the wellness center off and on for the past ten years. This past year, I've suffered from upper body pain -- all of which were resolved through acupuncture. Recently, I have had an intense flare up of pain and 90% of my pain vanished after two treatments with Bill. He's very caring and thoughtful and the front desk are pleasant and conscientious."
    - Nahid Y.